How to live a luxurious life

Unfortunately, the odds of you spending the rest of your days leading a luxury life thanks to the lottery are between 1% and 5%, so most of us mortals will have to say goodbye to glamour and wealth… or not? There are ways to live a luxurious life without spending a lot of money. The key is how you get on it.

The idea of a luxury life varies from person to person, so the first thing to do is to be clear about your life. Are you an art lover and would you like to have a Van Gogh painting at home? Yours is traveling and you’d like to go around the world? Or do you like the traditional and dream of going to the opera in Vienna? You may want to try luxury escorts in Barcelona. Whatever you decide, we’ve got your back!

Enjoy life as much as you can

Anything’s possible if you know how to get laid! The trick is, psychologists tell us, to use your imagination. That is to say, it does not matter so much what experience is being lived, but how we perceive it. Having Van Gogh’s room at home can be as valuable as a picture that reproduces his work. On the website of the museum that bears the artist’s name, they sell them for less than 10 €. That you have a little more budget? Then take a full-size canvas with you!

Yes, we understand, there are things that aren’t materials, and you may not be able to go to Vienna for the New Year’s concert, not only for the price, but also for the waiting list. And it’s too late to attend the premiere of La Viuda Alegre, but you can still get tickets to experience the performance in Madrid! If you let yourself be carried away by the glamour and luxury life of his characters, who says you couldn’t stay at the Hotel Ritz? Well, maybe not that, but you can go to their terrace to enjoy a coffee or gin and tonic without leaving a fortune.

The thin line between reality and imagination

All of this may sound like a Chinese tale to you, but it has a scientific basis: the same areas of the brain are activated when we imagine something (be it a positive or negative experience) as when we remember it. Therefore, something we have imagined will create in our mind a memory, just as if we had lived it. Maybe now you think that travelling thanks to Google Earth is not the same as going around the world, but if you concentrate hard enough, in a few years you may remember travelling to places you were never really in.

However, for the technique to work, it is not enough to imagine in abstract the luxury life that we will lead, but we will have to visualize it with all kinds of details and involving all the senses. One simple way to help you with this is by asking yourself questions: How tactful is the gala dress you wear for the Oscar awards? What does the Moët & Chandon you’re bathing in smell like? Blow the breeze on your Caribbean island?

Maybe we don’t win the lottery, but our brain is content to imagine it. What would you change if you led a life of luxury?